Sunday, 23 October 2011

Life comes a full circle...

My relationship with food goes a long way. From devouring the goodies my mom cooked ( she is brilliant honest to God!!) to gorging on kakori and galuti kababs during my college days in Lucknow. Then when I got married I tried using the maxim "the way into a man's heart is through his stomach"... I bought recipe books, poured over them, sat on the internet and downloaded them by scores, experimented everyday , my ex- husband even remarked once "I wonder how long your enthusiasm will last "

I have realised over the years, my cooking patterns reveal more about the zone I'm in more than my journals do. When I became a mother I was obssesed with portions and nutrients and time , freezing food. When I had to re- start in life from scrath I did not even have kitchen utensils and I stopped cooking altogether. Still on festivals i would try to makes at least something specials for the couple of friends who weathered the storms with me.

Today , a family sunday after years, I cooked something really simple what I call garlic potato casserole that is not much but boiled baby potatoes, cheddar cheese , onions and garlic cooked in butter served with baked beans. This dish speaks a lot to me about how comforting having a family ( my husband and son ) on a sunday afternoon is. The love that goes into creating a simple dish that fills the house with mouth watering aromas. There is no need to be pretentious, or to impress, there was this sense of good wholesome flavor soaked food that cries for a siesta after consumption.

My journey from the south indian cuisine to know bracing myself up to cook bengali macher jhol bhat ( curry fish with rice) is just as mouth watering, just as rich, just as filling as only a good home made food can be....

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