Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Beyond the veil of fear...

Last week has been significant, in very subtle ways. One thing I learnt, which was of great significance was there are two kinds of people. i think more than a learning, it was a reminder....The two kind of people are
1. Who live by fear
2. Who live despite the fear
there might be category of those who do not live, they are just in fear...
However, for today, the first two are the ones in focus.

There are those who live by fear. There life is regulated by fear. The fear dictates their choices. They eat healthy not out of respect for their body, but fear of illness. They worship God, not out of love and gratitude, but out of fear of something bad happening to them, if they don't. They live in fear of their future. Will I be alone when old, who will look after me, if I don't save , how will I live....
The fear operates them, drives them, makes their choices and decisions for them. They fear the reprimand of the society. they fear humiliation.

I understand fear. I grew up with the fear of abandonment . My relationships were dictated by this fear. If i don't concede He will leave me, if I don't do this or that, comply, everything was dictated by one fear Abandonment. i am saying this because I know, what it is like, to belong to the first group.

The second category of people are those Who live despite the fear. Its not that these people do not know fear. They too have a brain that can envisage negative outcomes. They too have moments of doubt, but the difference in them is, they go ahead and live their life, regardless of the fear. It not dumb bravado. They know the consequences, and their courage comes from accepting to live with the consequences rather than not be true to themselves. These lives, these people create new worlds, they becomes leaders and pioneers. They dare to walk the untrodden path. The face difficulties, obstacles, they are ostracised by society many times, but they question the existing, they question their fears and they go ahead regardless. The outcome does not scare them. The threat to their life, health, wealth, success, marriage, status...it pales in comparison to their living every moment according to their highest truth. The truth of their soul. The truth, they had written in their blue print long before they were born.

Those who live in fear, become bitter over time. They fret about things that are small in comparison to the larger picture.Fear is the root of anger, of frustration, of despair of most negative emotions. If you break down your negative emotions you will realise the core is always some fear.

The people who are envious /jealous of me , my life, my choices, are the ones who don't have the courage to do it themselves. They know they are too afraid of the consequences. Because I didn't give in to the biggest fear of my life...abandonment. I faced it, I lived every day of it. I looked it , in its face and said...I don't fear you any more...

The fears may be big or small, yet the only way to lead a life of greatness, of happiness is to go beyond the veil of fear. Don't fight it, face it. Don't resist it, you will attract it more, live it , don't ignore it, it will follow...accept it....

The only way to conquer fear , is to face it. How can I not worry about consequences? By knowing that beyond worry, anxiety, fear lies the truth. The truth, that if you live , in every moment, by your highest truth...the result may not be what you want, but it will always be the greatest and the best result for you. If you look around, the people who are the happiest are the ones who have taken the most chances, have faced the worst of situations, seen the hardest of days, they rose to the occasion and conquered yet another part of them that had recoiled in fear. Each fear conquered, is another layer of happiness added to your life...

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Redemption and second chances

Redemption .... the need to redeem...it is safe to say, it connotes failure , the first time round. It means a chance to win back good points, opinion or reputation against a history where you lost it.Perhaps, the word comes loaded with guilt.

People says, its a fortunate few , who get a second chance, also connoting, a sort of re-match, if you please, to set things right, again highlighting that you went wrong some where.

This is a topic, I know every word is divided by thin lines.The important three words, I am writing about today....Mistakes, Redemption and second chances....
Mistakes are generally taken as a negative. You are scolded since you were but a toddler, when you didn't do things "correctly", implying mistake. In school , these mistakes are categorised into errors and careless mistakes.AS we grow older, people are less forgiving. Anything that doesn't work, is condemned as a mistake and if you make one too many, you are tagged a failure and soon enough a loser.

However, even though, in the limited time we do have, considering we live and remember only one lifetime at a time, we do not have the luxury of committing every mistake our self, my question is, Is making mistakes such a terrible thing? Do we deserve being tagged, labelled, crucified in a broader sense, for making mistakes. To err is human. Why?

We learn from our mistakes, that's why. At least, that's what we are supposed to do.Take for example, a situation of a divorce. Why is it called a failed marriage? It didn't work, sure, but why the tag "failed"? Each relationship teaches us a lot. It helps as grow . We do learn every day spent with another person.

When a student "fails" a subject, there is judgement, assumptions, he is weak in a subject, so he failed it. He repeats a class, because he failed. He failed because he made one too many mistakes. Perhaps he excelled in certain subjects, but that is cast aside. His inherent aptitude not withstanding, he is a failure, because he is slow at grasping certain subjects that are deemed important by the majority of people.

A person, grows , with self esteem issues. He wants a chance to redeem himself. prove, he's good or better than any one else. He wants a second chance. This happens, in tangible targets. He can prove himself by fitting into criterion of success. People can judge on palpable parameters. But in life, not everything is palpable or tangible. Is redemption only about beating the odds? What are true second chances?

In life, when we find our self in certain situations again and again, we groan "Not again!!", "I'm back to square one", "Why does this keep happening to me". These situations are life giving you more than simple second chances . For the universe sometimes redemption is not about changed circumstances or changed/ different results. It is sometimes about changed attitudes towards a situation. Redemption is about, handling something better than the first time round. About not complaining or trying to get out of situation but making the most of it. You see, sometimes , what we perceive as a negative situation, is just a situation. No change is required, not different outcome, just your attitude toward it. Universe is not judging. It has no favourites. It takes no sides. From a macro level, the second chance was not given to redeem yourself, in the broadly understood form, rather to redeem yourself in how you conduct yourself, in the given situation. A second marriage does not prove, you right, corrected, vindicated. Its a chance to practise what you learnt the first time round. You may find, nothing has changed, just the person. The reason being, the only change required, is not the external situation, which by design is perfect, but an internal one, with you...

If only we stop looking at  mistakes as a bad thing, we could then focus more on learning from not only our mistakes, but from those of people around us, before us...we would grow exponentially in our expertise, experiences and wisdom. we would learn practical applications, because no one would be embarrassed to share their "mistakes", they would happily share, their experiences, how they dealt with it, what they could have done differently. we all do have hind sight. We would all benefit.

Second chances too would take on a different meaning, we would look forward to doing things differently, experiment to find out what works out the best way, because we would not be afraid of making mistakes and being judged there after. We would happily try alterations of our attitudes, belief systems. We would breath freely, live freely, love more, fear less.

Perhaps redemption would no longer be required as a word and cease to exist. Or if it existed it would denote an individual who figured out what works the best for his highest form of existence. People would be happier with their lot, far less envious of whom they now perceive as better, more successful, better adapted...

My question is, is making mistakes such a bad thing after all? Are we after all sent on a journey of life , the road of which is bumpy to say the least, must each bump reduce our joy in the journey. Can we not gleefully cheer like children, rise from our seats  at every bump and settle back in all the while enjoying the sights, sounds, experiences the journey has to offer us. Need we focus all our attention on how many pot holes, bumps and rough patches the are. Its a long drive isn't it ? Would we rather take all that as a part of the experience and just go at our pace, take in as much a we can and make it a picnic rather than an ordeal?

Friday, 12 October 2012

Understanding Lightworkers

There is a group of people out there... we are called "the light workers". We are normal people. The only difference being our souls remember , the jobs we came out here to do. Some of us came down as healers, teachers, environmentalists and such. A lot of people who don't understand what we are trying to do mock us, they are even afraid of us. The reason being..one. most of us are very intuitive, so we practise either tarot, dowsing, or some other form of predictions, some speak to angels, some to ascended masters, some do channelling work. People who are not in touch with this aspect of themselves misunderstand us.

The second reason, and very interestingly is people are conditioned to the old time religious "gurus". Now religious "gurus" had a certain way of living. They practised austerity in various forms. Little food, no fancy clothes, simple living etc. Now the new age light worker and Gurus, lead a very different life from the older generations. We do not deny our self a family life, good food, beautiful homes or clothes. We do not hide our human flaws or mistakes, rather we learn from them and use our experiences to help others grow as well. We may or may not be religious, we may not even be spiritual. What we do is follow the basic rules of metaphysics.

Now since most people see us go about our daily lives much like them, and since they cannot see the aspects of our lives during days of confusion, or times when we are challenged to change habits, belief systems or patterns. They assume either we are phony or plain delusional. Most light workers understand the importance of humour, they know they can't take themselves, problems or the gratitude they get from people who have benefited from their help seriously. They understand, this too is as momentary as everything else. This humour, is again a big reason for us being misunderstood. We are supposed to be serious, if we understand deep subjects like Karma, God, relationships, Laws of attraction....On the contrary, the more you understand, the more open you are opening your sense of humour.

Light workers also understand, God has never asked anyone to deny themselves anything. He made a beautiful world, he wants everyone to enjoy his creations. He wants us to eat well, play well, learn well, love each other, help each others. He never asked us to give up food, clothes, cars, sex or anything. He allows us to explore, discover and evolve.

This part is difficult for outsiders to comprehend. They are quick to judge and label, she is a day dreamer, she is too laid back, is he serious ? He can talk to God? who do they think they are? If they are so special why did she have failed relationships...etc.... Somehow the fact that we take things in our stride upsets others more than us.

The deal is, light workers, have expertise in some areas, in others they are also experiencing, learning, growing ,evolving. They just understand certain principles better than the others and instead of gloating, they chose to help others understand. They use simple language and analogies from day to day life. We come with our own set of problems, we only chose to call them challenges or lessons and move along.

Light workers understand, from a very young age, life is not for constrictions. Everything has a purpose. Most rules made by humans, served their good, rather than a norm for everybody . They know the universe is forever changing, evolving and expansive. They don't judge good or bad. They believe in choices and free will.

I suggest before you run down somebody because they speak to angels, have sex, love to travel, laugh, eat good food... think about this...why did God create all of it, if he wanted us to shun it, close our minds and just live in restricted thinking patterns? Why would the creation want us to turn our back on things, people and experiences if he did not want us to enjoy them....

Thursday, 11 October 2012

The right thing, for the right reason...

Today, I feel the need to sort out some very basic questions. These questions have rushed to the fore, for two contradictory phases in our "universe". See according to Astrology, the Saturn is in transit. This makes every person familiar with astrology nervous. The reason being , for the next two and a half years, the Lord of Justice is glaring upon us.Which essentially mean, the lessons you were meant to learn, and you haven't due to procrastination, stubbornness or any other reason, will now see you in the thick of struggles. If Anything Lord Saturn is a strict teacher who ensures you complete your lessons, and rewards you , when you do a good job. . So be it in your career, financial life, romance, health, whatever you had put on the back burner or thought you had skipped lessons for, now will demand your attention at its fullest.

Now if you were to go to any astrologer or even research it yourself, there are several ways to "placate" Lord Saturn. They would tell you to quit alcohol, smoking, eating non-vegetarian food. If you have more bad karmas than good, you would please him by serving the old and the poor. For people with minor disturbances in their life, they prescribe rituals of offering mustard oil, almonds, black sesame seeds etc.

I will come back to this in a bit, moving on to another phase we are going to at this very moment simultaneously, is "Be true to your self". This essentially translates into forget about public opinions, what others think of you, public morality based on societal norms or religion and accept yourself completely, as you are . This is the current phase in the stages of the ascension process.

I am confounded by several questions, that need logical answers to proceed in the correct manner. Now supposing, to please Lord Saturn , it is suggested one gives up smoking, drinking etc ( according to me moralistic), yet the person only does it to please or rather out of fear of dis-pleasing the Lord of Justice, is he/she doing the right thing for the wrong reasons and how much would it really please "Justice". The reason being, the moment the fear is gone, the person WILL go back to those very "pleasures". At the same time, one is being asked to be true to themselves.What if the person is well informed about the ill effects of these "pleasures", but is being true to himself and doesn't give them up. Will he them have to face negative consequences for not appeasing the Lord of Justice.

I am not posing these questions in any religious context, nor are the answers I am seeking, from any moralists, religious, sanctimonious stand point. My question is at a very basic level. If fear is the motivation, doesn't the action that comes out of it, become a lie? Is conformity to dogma and social pressures , rather "pretending" to be good, the correct way?

Threats when coming from any where, parents, teachers, bosses, always increases rebellion or at least passive aggressive behaviour. Wouldn't it be better, for us to decide our own boundaries, as long as we are harming no one, on  what is "good" or "bad" for our own selves? Why give the power of judgement to anyone else, no matter how high the authority figure might be seated?Wouldn't this be a far honest way and in the correct spirit of ascension. Be your own judge...Be yourself...

Again, those who believe in rituals, would feel better for practicing the remedies. For those who don't believe , wouldn't care less. My point only being, this interesting juxtaposition of the cosmic phases, is a very interesting phenomenon, it encourages us to test our own realities. It probably asks us to leave behind shackles of fears, to question rules and come up with our own answers. Now that is a very pleasing proposition!!!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Burning jealousy and brick batters

It's been more than three months, since I've written my last blog. I thought of several I wanted to pen down, but a lot has been on my mind lately. Today, I got back some of my enthusiasm for writing because I had a small break through. An article of mine titled "the saving grace" was published in life positive magazine.

You see, when one is growing and learning, one is filled with enthusiasm to share with everyone the mind blowing, life changing experiences they have. Last few days I realised , not everyone is happy when you do that. One, they are not happy, you understand so easily what they struggle for with for years. Second they hate to admit, they hate your guts for growing continuously and not letting the past hold you down and then of course there are those who only believe something if you have some degree to back up what you say...

I do believe jealously is a bitter poison. I believe envy may be the best form of flattery, but there is a very fine line that separates the two.the poison of jealousy not only closes your mind to a truth that may help, it destroys relationship, it harms you physically with alarming physical ailments.  It only makes you a petty person ,in the long run.

Jealousy, is such a waste of time and energy really?for one, no one, no matter how close can know everything about the journey, the struggles, the highs and lows of an individual. It's all very fine to sit across and think the grass is so much greener on the other side, but honestly, given half a chance, no one in the world,if truly sees the problems of any one, Fromm any rand, to Darren virtue or even bill gates, would ever want to go through the pain the other faced.

The universe, in it's infinite wisdom, gives each person a journey, only they can manage and cope with. Some deal with the pains better than other, some trivialise their issues and some can't stop harping. It doesn't mean, one has it easier than the other.

What does shock me, is how easily, people make up their minds, fill it with prejudice and become judgemental about a person and stigmatise them.i wonder if their parents never did tell them, if you have nothing good to say, don't say anything at all!!!

The last few months have been very significant for light workers and the general populace of the world. These were months of facing ones fears head on, letting go of patterns and beliefs that we're redundant. Everyone faced crisis of one form or the other. The lessons, we have learnt were put through tests and some came out shining more than others....

I continue to share, my journey, my daily leanings and all I can say to the people out there burning with jealousy, towards anyone, you aren't hurting anyone but your self. You shoe size is different, so it would be best if you get off and develop compassion. The reason for your troubles are perhaps, not enough empathy or compassion in you...

Thankyou my dear readers, for your invaluable support, love....