Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome...trully exhausting

The past few months, I have been suffering from a strange problem, I recently figured out its called " The Chronic  Fatigue Syndrome". It is something, most of us would never acknowledge as a real condition or physical problem. TO a Lay person, it may seem , one is being, plain lazy or lethargic. Others may think the person is suffering from borderline clinical depression. The thing is CFS is a real condition. You wake up tired. You feel a deep fatigue in your body , sometimes the exhaustion is so much you can barely brush your teeth or take a shower. Small everyday chores, you did fairly easily in the past, all seem uphill tasks. You never get enough sleep. Activities still give you pleasure, In your head , you still plan to do things but are unable to physically execute them. I love writing, yet in the past three months, I haven't been able to write even my blog. I haven't read a book either and I used to devour books prior to this condition.

I initially thought, my mind, heart and body have taken a lot of shit in the past 15 years. Perhaps , my body just wants its share of rest. There had been so many rapid changes, ups and down, so many battle I had to fight , one after another, it seemed like a plausible explanation. Yet the fatigue just wouldn't reduce. I knew I was not depressed. When one is depressed you don't enjoy activities, or company of friends, I was still enjoying everything, just didn't have the energy to do them any more.

I went down my metaphysical road to figure out the cause. One thing is sure, your body only reflects whatever your mind/heart/soul is going through. Any illness boils down to fear/anger/resistance. I have an understanding, when faced by a lower energy such as fear/anger, the best way to deal with is , to push through them, face them head on. I have started forcing myself to accomplish small tasks everyday. One phone call, before my nap, I requested my friend to take me out for short spans of time. I started to re-write, no matter how small , my article or story might be. Water is the best cleanser we have. I consciously increased my intake of water. I have not yet recovered. The aches and pains are like one experiences during and after flu.

I chose to share this today, because people assume, being a healer means you will never be inflicted with physical problems, but that's like saying a doctor never falls ill. I am sharing what I am going through, yet how I am dealing with it not as a physical ailment but with an understanding of the principles behind it.  I choose to use natural therapies. I believe once my purging is over and I continue to work with the energies all around me, I will bring back into balance whatever part of me that is no longer in balance. It could be my chakras, my yin and yang, it could be a stagnant belief system or a deep rooted fear or resistance. i am also sharing this because, a lot of people out there, maybe going through similar condition and yet are not being taken seriously by those around them.

As a friend or a spouse, this condition may test your patience. You may believe its only psychosomatic or pure lethargy. The fact is, its very real. No one likes having a fogged up brain and aching limbs all day. No one asks to feel fatigue , even after a full night's rest. No one likes to see chores piling up. What they need from you is understanding and support. Above all gentle encouragement that nudges them to do small things , perhaps help them by breaking things into small steps for them. If you're lucky to have gardens or parks near where you live, take them for few minutes and let them sit or lie down on the grass after a small walk. Mother earth has amazing curative powers. Their emotional state is vulnerable so try not to have arguments or speak in loud tones, it literary makes our body jittery.

If you're the one going to CFS, try to do things slowly, don't force yourself to do too much, even on days when you're feeling good, it just leads to relapse, take it from me.Do ask for help and explain to your family and friends what it is you're going through. Eat more of natural food and increase your water in take. Don't make the mistake of taking medication meant for depression, as it will not help you.

To be honest, I am feeling drained already, yet I'm happy I managed to write today. I can tick of one thing from my to-do list. That makes me feel good.....

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