Friday, 4 May 2012

Forever Love....

I wrote a poem after a very long time, I used to write in English when I was in school....Hope you enjoy it....

Forever Love

I think of you everyday
not a moment passes by
without a thought of you
lingering in my heart
A day will come
my breath with stop
with the pain
wondering if you will
ever be by my side
there was a time
you couldn't stay away
 Your heart and mind
pull you apart
but I know
the love is there
I saw it in your eyes....

My love for you
will not fade away
So I'll just wait
for you to say
All that is in your heart

A day will come
We’ll be one again
And never again
will the two of us be apart
our heart as one
as long ago
this is a forever love
and I know you  know
coz I've seen it in your heart.....

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