Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Accepting changes....

Changes are often difficult to accept. Yet wise men have said change is the only constant in life. Sometimes changes are for the positive and exactly what we wanted, and yet when they happen, it takes time to adapt to them. Last week has been challenging for me. After a vacation of 2 months my son's school reopened, my husband started his new job. Both are good things right, and I'm so grateful for them. Yet these two things meant a change in my schedule. Now I'm a night person, and you can keep up all night and I'll be fresh as a daisy, but to wake up early and for me 6 am is like mid night!! I find , it does strange things to my body clock. I end up sleeping more than ever during the day.

I love cooking too, but to be inspired to cook that early in the morning when the only thing my body wants to do, is turn over and go back to sleep is the other challenge. I finally found my bearing today and so I'm back to writing my blog. The best thing I've realized is to take one step at a time. Its ok to take a little while to adapt to the change. As long as you do what's needed to do and keep resistance and excuses at bay, it takes about a week -ten days to start moving with the flow.

Change is not new to me. In-fact, I don't know about you, but in my life, the story so far has been something like a major change, in life, lifestyle, place, country even occurs almost every six months. I never know what to expect. Just when my career was going well in 1999, I was engaged and life placed me back in my parental home, where I had literally nothing to do, post marriage I was thrown into a different country with different language ,food, culture everything, to top it all i couldn't work yet again. Every time I got comfortable in a relationship, something came and changed the whole scenario. I was married, separated, living in, a single mother, working woman, working from home mother, unemployed, remarried all in something like 6 years. Today the fact that my challenge is as simple as adapting my body clock tells you how far along my journey I've come.

Every time you resist a change or a situation, you just end up prolonging the duration of it. The only way is to see the good in that situation and accept it gracefully. In this situation, the good thing is ...oh you won't believe how much I've longed for these simple pleasure of a family life. I've longed to make breakfast for my kid and husband, pack lunches for them, give them warm, handmade dinners. Today I have it. I'm relishing it, enjoying every moment. i am feeling fulfilled in my role as a nurturer to my family. I am already back in my groove of writing. You know something, when you accept easily, even disappointments are easier to take. It just makes sense to you, how it might not be the right thing or the right time. you just know that tomorrow is another day. It comes filled with surprises, some you like , some perhaps were not what you ordered, but none the less, they all eventually turn out for the best for all concerned.

The biggest challenge for a girl whose been independent for too long, single and used to taking all her decisions by her self, is to re-learn co-dependency. It was a challenge that my husband and I am still enjoying, both having been married and then single before. our roles now entwined with the family. We suddenly need to ensure the other person is ok with our decisions or choices. We both are very individualistic characters, with personal hobbies, likes and opinions. What helps is like my husband said, its good to have opinions and yet one should not become judgmental and prejudiced. He loves watching the news. I on principal stay away from news, because all they seem to cover are bad new!! Its like manifesting only bad things across the globe every time millions watch something negative over and over again...

What I'm saying is change is going to happen, in big things and small, the dynamics of relationships will change, so will the rules, your financial conditions, health everything will change sooner or later. the best thing to do is just take one day, one step at a time . Keep aside all resistance and preconceived notions about good or bad. Take it as a blessing and sure enough, it will turn into a blessing. Pssst, the easier you take to a change, surprisingly in my experience, the sooner the phase goes away.....Its your attitude that makes all the difference...

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