Monday, 25 June 2012

Buying a Food Processor and simpler joys

I had, as close to perfect , as a weekend can be, as per my definition. The high point of this weekend was my venture to buy a food processor. I had one , a fantastic, irreplaceable one, when I was in Germany. I had a special relationship with that powerful and little food processor . I became aware of German technology. That little one became my best friend for not only the three years In Weil-am Rhein, but gave me much comfort of familiarity once I was back in India, that felt lonelier than foreign shores. There is nothing worse than a lonely marriage. Once the food processor broke down and I desperately tried to get it fixed. No one in India could even get the motor open, let alone repair it. I was heartbroken. So many things were breaking and falling apart. Now my faithful, familiar, beautiful, food processor was gone too. I held on to its jars and blades , hoping against hope to find another of its brand and model. Nothing turned up.

Years passed. I struggled to build from scratch my life, build a nest for my son and me. Work, broken heart, left me with little time to mourn, much less replace my little friend. I found a helper in the lady who came to wash the dishes at my place. If I was planned enough for the day, my menu ready early on, she would chop or slice or grate vegetables i wanted. I wasn't so planned. I like impromptu creations. I missed the identically sliced cucumbers and tomato slices. I hated grating for hours to get a bowlful of salad in place.

Now, this weekend, I wandered into a kitchen shop with my husband. I had wanted some basic stuff like a pepper crusher. Now that I'm cooking 5 times a day, I need all my tools back. I just happened to ask if they also kept food processors. I didn't expect them to have one with all the functions I wanted. To my pleasant surprise they did. It was not ridiculously expensive like I expected. But, this processor is huge. Its not compact and dainty as my old one. never the less, I looked at it, asked all kinds of questions, I've learned from my mother. My husband who loves shopping, was so enthusiastic, I made peace with the size and bought it. I let it sit there on the floor of our living room for hours, not opening the box. I finally did, just before bed time.
The joy that filled my heart is hard to explain. I had a simple gadget, but , it meant, my household was flourishing or on its way there at-least. I could afford to buy electronics, whereas a few months back I was struggling to pay my basic bills. This machine represented to me, the promise of a warm hearth, a home where fresh food was being prepared. It represented to me my home, complete with my son and my husband. It showed me, my husband wasn't going to deny me things. It meant the beginning of a new relationship. I would slowly get to know all the pieces, all the jars, understand without the manual all the settings, knobs and lights. It represented , to me above all, when something goes out of our lives, it may never be replaced, but sooner or later, we find something, that fulfills us equally. Spring does come after winter, and we do not go wanting forever.

I marveled at how happy a small gadget had the power to make me, and I realized, it wasn't the gadget, it was the gratitude within my heart that filled me with joy. The food processor just became a symbol for all that I was grateful for. There are far simpler things in life , that garner greater joys. A smile from a child, a kind gesture from a stranger, understanding instead of a fight from your spouse. A key ring from your son. A good book, a weekend spent with your special friend and husband watching you favorite movie, eating your favorite food....Some things in life are priceless...

I have yet to christen this one... my old one was "Philippe "

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