Monday, 25 June 2012


Karma, Destiny, fate, free will, choices, will power.... are  these purely words or are they real. If they are for real, on what principals do they work. How are we supposed to know the differences, pertaining to our individual lives?
First things first, yes these are all real.
This blog is threatening to become a chapter, if I'm not careful and so I choose brevity ( After all ,it's a large part of my book and I'd like to just whet the appetite :) )

Lets understand one thing first. Consciousness is eternal. Life and death are just syntax to this huge book.

 Karma is generally easy to understand. It the law of balance. What has gone out, comes back and balance is restored. As long as the balance is not acquired, the give and take continues. The cycle can be broken .(understanding whether its Karma or not is not important) To break cycles across lifetimes or from this current life, when something happens, work on the assumption its Karma. Accept it with grace, make a choice to forgive people/person who is your "tormentor" in the situation. Ensure you articulate the " Learning" from the situation. Make the appropriate changes in your attitudes, beliefs, behavior etc, as part of your learning. Stay positive. Karma, is not a punishment for something "wrong" one has done, its a natural order of balance.

Now to slightly complex destiny. Now not everything in life is destined. Somethings are. We are not made aware of them, for the simple reason, to enable us to reach there should not compound, compromise or prejudice our learning, our free will or choices. Our choices, show how far we have come. It reflects our growth, our inner attitudes. Choices have consequences. Its like taking the wrong exit on a highway. That was our choice, we then face the consequence of having to drive longer, get back on the correct path and perhaps reaching our destination a little later .

Yet we have been given flag posts in life, to kind of nudge us onto the correct path for our individual soul's unique journey. Astrology, palmistry, tarot are all indicators in different aspects. Horoscopes or birth charts are like the basic blue prints of life. They indicate the basic strengths and flaws that are inherent in us. We can work on the flaws. They also point to the major landmarks that are to occur in our lives, in order to enable us to be prepared. Being forewarned is being fore armed.

Palmistry is like a mini- statement, that reflects your last few transaction in this current life. What your thoughts and actions have been in the last six months reflect how your future will continue to shape up like if you continue to follow the same behavioral patterns.

Tarot and other such methods are ways of tapping into your subconscious for guidance and reflect more about your emotional health regarding an aspect or phase of your life.

Somethings are predestined, and no matter what road you take, that's where you will end up. The forks you come across will determine the kind of road you encounter, the passengers you meet,but the destination will be the same. Kind of like if you took a flight, ship, road trip or train. There are pros and cons in each mode of transport, and they will all get you to your destination.

The thing about Free Will , is like in college.There will be subjects that you're really good at, there are some you need to work hard on and sometimes you flunk certain subjects. You then have to attend extra classes or supplementary along with your regular classes to bring them up to a certain level. You know in life , the subjects you're flunking because you will notice the same thing happening again and again with minor differences such as person, place or workplace, The situation remains the same, getting dumped, unable to keep a job, financial crisis, you always seem to land where you started. This is an indication, you need work in this area. You need to unlearn, and relearn in this aspect of your life.While you are doing this your regular classes are continuing, you will have to keep up with them, take tests, do projects. Sometimes , when you do exceptionally well you get extra credit, you then get to chose what subjects you wish to pursue.

What I'm trying to say here is , in life, there are two layers that are definite. One from the past, the curriculum you need to finish. Certain relationships , bring the balance in the karma and the like. And second, live your current life, keeping in mind the lessons you have learned and applying them across all aspects.

Sometimes destiny could be as simple as , you're destined to marry a particular individual because you have a lot of baggage to clear with that individual. In another person it may no be important who they marry but destined to become , say a widow/er, in order to learn to move on. For some a certain career is destined, in order to restore karmic paybacks and balancing and in others, career may be completely on thier whim.

To understand, these concepts vis a vie your life. All you have to do, is sit in introspection. Write down all significant events so far. Mark the repetitive patterns. Try to see if any larger picture is emerging with your hobbies, passions, jobs, is it slowly leading you down a path , follow it.

One thing that is reassuring is, we are never allowed to go terribly wrong or so far from our path to the point of no return. The universe intervenes and nudges us, gently and sometimes rudely if we're not paying attention, back on our track. Loose the resistance to it. Flow with the changes. Try swimming with the current  rather than against it and soon you'll start getting a clearer picture.


  1. Nicely written. But how much of the above is experienced and realised? Or just an analysis at the philosophy level?

    1. Thank you Sagar, :) I apologize for the delay in replying...I haven't been blogging for past three months. To answer your question, these are answers I have understood over a period of time, completely experienced and also from observing not only my life, but those of my family, friends and clients. Meditation has also helped me channelize the missing links or clear up my confusions...