Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Life is an echo....

The day, I started thinking about writing "Life is an Echo", in my blog, the next day I ended up reading this line written by Wayne W.Dyer " If Gimmee! Gimmee! Gimmee! is my message to the universe, then the universe will send the very same message back to me......If my message to the universe is What can I give? or How may I serve? the message I receive from the universe will be How may I serve you? or What can I give you? "

I have spent a lot of time, writing about this topic for my book, and yet I wanted to write more about it, here, on my blog site. Reading these lines , I found a perfect validation to what I want to express here.

A lot of people ask me, as they are exploring and trying to understand the karmic cycles, karmic balancing, laws of attraction and of course, Life is an Echo, they have asked me in different words, this question..." So is life a simple matter of mathematical equation and correct grammar?" I reply YES! Today in the mathematical world, simple equations are used to solve biggest of problems. It just save a lot of time, of starting from scratch every time. Someone, worked out those equations or formulae, its a matter of sitting and observing repetitive patterns.Sometimes there may be anomalies,but most times there is a pattern . Outcomes may vary due to factors involved, but the principles remain the same.

Let me give an example. In this life time, if you have knowingly or unknowingly hurt (like breaking heart/ betraying) of say 4 people. If you could quantify pain over a scale of ten and for the four people, it goes something like 8+6+4+7 = 25. Now you may go through either 25 small incidents where your pain is quantified as 1 on a scale of ten. Or you may go through 1 major trauma in life that equals to 25 in terms of pain/ suffering or, it may happen over several traumatic events. Hence life does have a mathematical equation. The problem is emotional charges can't be quantified into measures in our  earthly known measurements. Its a matter of understanding this equation through words. What goes from you , comes back to you.

Now when it comes to words such as need, want, desire, require etc. This words equate to the absence of whatever you are asking for. Every time you focus on "I need", by virtue to life being an echo it comes from three or more times stronger back at you, life starts demanding from you "I need, I need.. need.. need" . The way out of this is to act in gratitude, as though it has already come to pass. it comes to you. If you find, people and situations or even life itself is taxing on you, always demanding from you. Stop focusing on what all you're trying to get from them. Love, riches, recognition, whatever big or small. Start to give, without expecting. When you give, by the virtue of the same law, the things you give come back to you.

There are various levels of consciousness that we operate from.  We maybe operating from poverty consciousness. Let me explain this a bit more. You are operating from poverty consciousness if you haggle for money, bargain ( not for sheer pleasure but actually feel cheated) if you constantly obsess about where money will come from ,even though you lead a comfortable life, if you hoard things. Spending all the money on useless things as soon as it comes in also reflect poverty consciousness. See all of the above example show, you some where deep down due to some fear or belief system believe there is not enough abundance. Now since you are operating from this consciousness, life is hearing "scarcity" from you, now no matter how hard you work or save, there will never be enough. There will always be more bills to pay, debts accumulating, medical emergencies where your savings get used up.

To change the situation, I know its simpler said that done, and yes, it is this simple as it sound, yes it takes persistence and patience and practise....Just ,change you belief system. KNOW, it from the bottom of your heart, tell your mind to lay low, don't listen to arguments your ego will throw up, suspend all disbelief and change the way you think. Every time a bill comes, thank the universe/God, that you have the ability to pay it. When you do you work, concentrate on the love you pour into the work, the joy you receive from doing a good job and trust you will be paid handsomely for your work. Change beliefs such as success doesn't come easy.

Take a look at your life, there will be aspects, you are doing really well, however there might be some aspect, such as health, where you keep suffering. Check your belief system, do you have beliefs such as I fall ill every winter....The major aspects you can do this check is health, wealth, career, relationships and your moods. i am aware moods are affected by what is going on in these aspects, however if you notice, if you are angry, situations keep occurring and people keep aggravating you. You attract their stupidity or aggression to your self.

Here I can give you a small and easy tip on how to check where  your negative focus is. all that we see and experience in the world and our life, is the projection of our mind and ego or our self once we go beyond mind and ego. Start paying attention to your words, what you criticise or are judgemental about. That is a deep rooted fear or void in your life. For example If you constantly judge people and criticise ( even its between you and your spouse) the parenting style of other people. It may indicate, either a deep rooted belief in you that you received inadequate parenting or it is your fear, you may not be giving good parenting.

Once you start working on your thinking patterns, belief systems and behaviour, you are well on your way to attract good things such as abundance and well being into your life... As a child, you must have stood at an echo point and shouted something.... sometimes, it takes a few seconds before the echo begins. It also feels like its coming from all directions. Such is the case with the echoes in life too. Sometimes, their is a pause before the echo comes back, but it comes back for sure. It sure is up-to you, what you want life to throw at you, lemons or mangoes...make the first move....

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