Sunday, 15 April 2012

There is no God...?

I have seen people keep their faith, when things are normal in their life. Through hardships, they struggle to keep their faith. There are times though, when despite their prayers, the situation goes from bad to worse and they is no solution in sight, they begin to lose hope and worse they begin to lose faith. I have heard , time and again, people lash out and say, there is no God, there is no such thing as God. If there is a God, where is he, why isn't he responding to my prayers? why isn't he helping me? I do understand the frustration, yet there is certain clarity required in their perception.

First thing first, faith is not faith,, when doubt enters every time something goes contrary to your wish or desire. God has nothing to do with your good phase or your bad phase. These things are determined prior to your birth, by your higher selves, keeping in mind your karma, karmic balance, lessons, experiences to be had. You always have a free will and choice, especially regards to your attitude. The more you resist, the tighter the knot gets and the more you prolong that phase or lesson of yours. Acceptance with grace and total surrender to the situation at hand, saves your own energies to be used more proactively.

Second, God, is not Santa Claus, an anaesthesia or pain killer. He is not there to do your bidding and provide you with everything you ask for. If you have pain, he has given you tools to deal with it. If you can't find the tools seek help and accept the situation , instead of rubbishing it.We beg him for a job, a spouse love, heal my child, we ask him to reward us for all the years of our faith in him. We demand miracles. We want our problems to go away now. We are filled with anger at the injustice, we believe he is meting out to us.

Third, God, is the creator. Much like a person, who build a machine, that now operates at auto pilot, he set the universe in motion, thousands of years ago. He is not sitting idle next to the machine he created, listening to every component complain about how hard they work, how though things are.

Fourth, Prayers help you for sure. We do not go to a temple, church or mosque, as a hotline to God. We go their to align our self with the light. The light, being purely white, consists of every color possible. Whatever, that is missing in us be in mind, heart , body or else where, gets a replenishment of that color. When the light washes our entire being in its pure radiance, we find our bearings and calm down. Once that happens, solutions that were evading us , start coming to us, much like oiling in the machinery reducing the friction and improves the performance.

God , our supreme creator , the almighty exists. He doesn't need us to believe. If we do and when we do, we are aligned to his light and the divine in us enables us to become co-creators.He is his creation. We know only a small percentage of his creations, yet , he is evident in his perfect creations. The galaxies, the planets, the flora and fauna. Every flower that blossoms, regardless of a gardener present or not proves he takes care of all his creations. There is a joke, its so apt today. One a scientist goes to God and says, we don't need you anymore. We have figured out how to create man. God smiles and says Show me....The scientist bends down to take a fistful of dirt and God stops him and says, use your own dirt....!!!!

I have gone through very very bad times, Ive gone without food, I was apart from my son for two years.A divorce, heartbreak, giving up on dreams, abuse, financial crisis ....Yet faith is not like seasons that changes with every changing phase. I learnt, I have a great listener in God, who does not judge . He listens and if you sit very quiet, you feel his embrace. you her him whispering to you. If you stop making God into something you can understand cerebrally with tangible proof. If you seek God as your personal genie or trouble shooter, you are setting yourself up for a disappointment. You are not him. He sent you to live, to experience, to deal to cope, to learn and to grow. The manual, is your very life, introspection is a tool, watch the patterns that repeat in your life, observe your thought and repetitive feelings. If you believe you do not deserve better, what does God have to do with it. You learn patience, you learn compassion, empathy, unconditional love, trust and much more in a single life time, but only if you're willing to learn. If you are a reluctant student, no teacher can teach yo, if you only want to hear what you wish to hear, you will never grow.

God, is not debatable, you can choose today, to change your perception of God. You can make him your best friend, lover or parent but please do get over the perception, he is there to serve you....One last thing, you may chose to believe in God, or not, but he believes in you...that's why you are here....

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