Thursday, 12 April 2012

What makes Life worth Living

Today, I woke up , edgy and restless. A question kept going on in my brain in a loop. This is actually quite frustrating, because your brain does not pause enough to listen to the answer. I do believe, every question, has within it, the answer to the question. The question that haunted me this morning was, what makes life worth living? I posed this question to several of my friends. Very few respond to serious questions. A joke garners a lot more response. Yet a did get a few serious replies. I narrowed down my own answer along with the few replies I had received. I broadly categorised the answers and came to an understanding. As everything else, all answers belonged to one of these categories. Wealth/ Fiances, Romance/ Relationships, Career/Ego and just a couple in the Spiritual realm. Strangely enough not one answer, including mine referred to our physical well being or health.

I do agree, good sex, great relationships with lover, family etc, a great career and no worries of money do make life easy, more fun perhaps. The question still remained, What makes life, worth living? I mean, I know we come down to gather experiences, we learn lessons, undo mistakes, balance our karma and all that, yet, it can't just be our survival instinct , that makes us want to live, to beat the odds. What makes a cripple beggar want to live. What relationships, career or wealth or even physical well being, makes him want to evade death? In all these aspects we all see highs and lows, victories and losses, and hope for the good times, aspirations of betterment keeps us on our toes. This still did not answer my question.

I tried to look for an answer within the question. I got two answers. A worthy life and LIVING. A worthy life, is something each individual defines for themselves. Its not just social workers or philanthropists who lead a worthy life. A world without entrepreneurs, artists, poets, actors , writers would be dry, drab and dull. What would a day be like with no music or good food. A person defines for himself, using existing parameters to define a life well lived and Worthy. That explains the answers I received.

The more simple and yet complex answers was LIVING. What defines living. A life where every moment is filled with activity, or where every moment is enjoyed. Every moment, when you feel alive, when you are growing , learning, experiencing, that in a gist perhaps defines living. Be in the moment, live in the now, all wise men and maxims point us in the direction of the NOW. Living every moment in the NOW, is the most difficult for most of us to achieve, we live both in the past and the future, never mindful of the present. I figured, if just living and now was what we were meant to be doing, how is it that life becomes so complicated.

Do we not have barometers inside us to tell us how our individual life is panning out. What does another soul's journey become our parameter on how to lead our lives. For every individual a different thing makes them happy, fulfilled and fills them with passion. Its doing different things for each of us that fills us with wonder or a desire to strive for. Our goals, our lessons, our experiences are all very different. What makes Life worth living? Yes the answer, simple as it may be, remains, Living. Doing things that makes us feel alive, doing it to the best of our abilities and regardless of obstacles and against all odds. To be, just be in our natural state, in the now, is what makes life worthwhile. Living as Me........makes my life worth living....

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