Thursday, 11 October 2012

The right thing, for the right reason...

Today, I feel the need to sort out some very basic questions. These questions have rushed to the fore, for two contradictory phases in our "universe". See according to Astrology, the Saturn is in transit. This makes every person familiar with astrology nervous. The reason being , for the next two and a half years, the Lord of Justice is glaring upon us.Which essentially mean, the lessons you were meant to learn, and you haven't due to procrastination, stubbornness or any other reason, will now see you in the thick of struggles. If Anything Lord Saturn is a strict teacher who ensures you complete your lessons, and rewards you , when you do a good job. . So be it in your career, financial life, romance, health, whatever you had put on the back burner or thought you had skipped lessons for, now will demand your attention at its fullest.

Now if you were to go to any astrologer or even research it yourself, there are several ways to "placate" Lord Saturn. They would tell you to quit alcohol, smoking, eating non-vegetarian food. If you have more bad karmas than good, you would please him by serving the old and the poor. For people with minor disturbances in their life, they prescribe rituals of offering mustard oil, almonds, black sesame seeds etc.

I will come back to this in a bit, moving on to another phase we are going to at this very moment simultaneously, is "Be true to your self". This essentially translates into forget about public opinions, what others think of you, public morality based on societal norms or religion and accept yourself completely, as you are . This is the current phase in the stages of the ascension process.

I am confounded by several questions, that need logical answers to proceed in the correct manner. Now supposing, to please Lord Saturn , it is suggested one gives up smoking, drinking etc ( according to me moralistic), yet the person only does it to please or rather out of fear of dis-pleasing the Lord of Justice, is he/she doing the right thing for the wrong reasons and how much would it really please "Justice". The reason being, the moment the fear is gone, the person WILL go back to those very "pleasures". At the same time, one is being asked to be true to themselves.What if the person is well informed about the ill effects of these "pleasures", but is being true to himself and doesn't give them up. Will he them have to face negative consequences for not appeasing the Lord of Justice.

I am not posing these questions in any religious context, nor are the answers I am seeking, from any moralists, religious, sanctimonious stand point. My question is at a very basic level. If fear is the motivation, doesn't the action that comes out of it, become a lie? Is conformity to dogma and social pressures , rather "pretending" to be good, the correct way?

Threats when coming from any where, parents, teachers, bosses, always increases rebellion or at least passive aggressive behaviour. Wouldn't it be better, for us to decide our own boundaries, as long as we are harming no one, on  what is "good" or "bad" for our own selves? Why give the power of judgement to anyone else, no matter how high the authority figure might be seated?Wouldn't this be a far honest way and in the correct spirit of ascension. Be your own judge...Be yourself...

Again, those who believe in rituals, would feel better for practicing the remedies. For those who don't believe , wouldn't care less. My point only being, this interesting juxtaposition of the cosmic phases, is a very interesting phenomenon, it encourages us to test our own realities. It probably asks us to leave behind shackles of fears, to question rules and come up with our own answers. Now that is a very pleasing proposition!!!


  1. I will, now, follow your writings.

  2. ... "right deeds" and the stimuli that propel it are all but temporary , until and unless, as you very correctly pointed out, there is a right intention attached to the " right deed" .... we have to be our own gods of justice where our conscience points out, which it invariably does, the things that are not so "right"... many readers might find these ways and reasons of self governance a "mumbo-jumbo" , but such are the teachings across all the religious texts in all conceivable human societies ... fear of being judged or admonished ,is no reason to do the right thing ... this is such a thought provoking concept that the writer has put forward in the blog..
    this propels the need of human beings to be more spiritual rather than give into religious dogmas and rituals ... superb :)