Friday, 12 October 2012

Understanding Lightworkers

There is a group of people out there... we are called "the light workers". We are normal people. The only difference being our souls remember , the jobs we came out here to do. Some of us came down as healers, teachers, environmentalists and such. A lot of people who don't understand what we are trying to do mock us, they are even afraid of us. The reason most of us are very intuitive, so we practise either tarot, dowsing, or some other form of predictions, some speak to angels, some to ascended masters, some do channelling work. People who are not in touch with this aspect of themselves misunderstand us.

The second reason, and very interestingly is people are conditioned to the old time religious "gurus". Now religious "gurus" had a certain way of living. They practised austerity in various forms. Little food, no fancy clothes, simple living etc. Now the new age light worker and Gurus, lead a very different life from the older generations. We do not deny our self a family life, good food, beautiful homes or clothes. We do not hide our human flaws or mistakes, rather we learn from them and use our experiences to help others grow as well. We may or may not be religious, we may not even be spiritual. What we do is follow the basic rules of metaphysics.

Now since most people see us go about our daily lives much like them, and since they cannot see the aspects of our lives during days of confusion, or times when we are challenged to change habits, belief systems or patterns. They assume either we are phony or plain delusional. Most light workers understand the importance of humour, they know they can't take themselves, problems or the gratitude they get from people who have benefited from their help seriously. They understand, this too is as momentary as everything else. This humour, is again a big reason for us being misunderstood. We are supposed to be serious, if we understand deep subjects like Karma, God, relationships, Laws of attraction....On the contrary, the more you understand, the more open you are opening your sense of humour.

Light workers also understand, God has never asked anyone to deny themselves anything. He made a beautiful world, he wants everyone to enjoy his creations. He wants us to eat well, play well, learn well, love each other, help each others. He never asked us to give up food, clothes, cars, sex or anything. He allows us to explore, discover and evolve.

This part is difficult for outsiders to comprehend. They are quick to judge and label, she is a day dreamer, she is too laid back, is he serious ? He can talk to God? who do they think they are? If they are so special why did she have failed relationships...etc.... Somehow the fact that we take things in our stride upsets others more than us.

The deal is, light workers, have expertise in some areas, in others they are also experiencing, learning, growing ,evolving. They just understand certain principles better than the others and instead of gloating, they chose to help others understand. They use simple language and analogies from day to day life. We come with our own set of problems, we only chose to call them challenges or lessons and move along.

Light workers understand, from a very young age, life is not for constrictions. Everything has a purpose. Most rules made by humans, served their good, rather than a norm for everybody . They know the universe is forever changing, evolving and expansive. They don't judge good or bad. They believe in choices and free will.

I suggest before you run down somebody because they speak to angels, have sex, love to travel, laugh, eat good food... think about this...why did God create all of it, if he wanted us to shun it, close our minds and just live in restricted thinking patterns? Why would the creation want us to turn our back on things, people and experiences if he did not want us to enjoy them....

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