Monday, 7 November 2011

storms in your body....

My baby has fever today. He threw up in the morning. I went about my healing, to see what was causing this " illness" .

What we general public perceive as illness, is the way our body communicates with us. Like a storm that is created when there is some imbalance in the atmosphere. The storm brings back the balance, there is a cleansing that takes place. Illness too happens when either your thoughts or emotions are unable to find balance, you lose your center, it manifests into illness. The simplest way to understand the reason behind an illness is to look at the symptoms. Throwing up is something being rejected, maybe undigested or purging. Fever indicates burning up usually indicates anger. The two areas here affected here are digestive and heart along with the throat. An idea, thought or emotion that is not digestible, creating anger ( hence heart) that has not been expressed or communicated ( hence throat). The simplest thing to do is to talk, enabling communication, rubbing behind the heart area, enabling a catharsis and simple food to aide digestion.

The reason I have always believed in homeopathy more than any other form of medication is just this. Homeopathy kick starts your body, simply enhancing your body's ability to counter act and bring the balance back. Observing the symptoms carefully is what makes homeopathy effective. I cleansed my son's energies, gave him a body rub, listened to him and he was fast asleep after that. I know when he wakes up none of the symptoms will be there. All he needed was venting.  

Illness is not your enemy , it is a simple guide to what you're not paying attention to. Look at it as your friend, who is helping you to bring the balance and harmony back. Instead of suppressing symptoms with off the rack medicines take time to understand what it is that you want , need or are asking for. The first step to loving your self, is to listen, attentively to your body.....

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  1. STORM balances ... ILLNESS IS NOT YOUR ENEMY ... some of these very refreshing points is brought forth by the blogger ... this text is a very beautiful effort by the writer to tell us that storms and changes are not negative they will be there to restore balance ... so accept them gracefully