Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Understanding Karma....via Facebook

Last night I had this strange analogy come to me. Facebook, is a great medium to understand Karma. I did intend to write this just for laughs, however the more I thought about it, the more true I found it.Facebook is apt as example for our real world. We come unsure what to do on facebook. First few days we just read and observe what other's status updates is. We read their walls. Slowly we start posting. We wait for likes. Little realizing how likes and re-posting is totaling karmic balancing. The more likes and re-posts you do, the more you get them too. We start finding friends we know, like souls finding each other in this labyrinth of life. Our friends list grows. A few strangers add us and we warily accept their friendship. Much like a stranger in life. Yet some match our wave lengths and we start developing deeper bonds just like it happens with colleagues who turn into life long friends. Farmville excellently portrays , no matter how much we acquire in life, its all false. Its not ours to possess. As our friends list grows, suddenly others want to be-friend you, much like our celebrities in life. Other people like him, so their must be something in him. Everyone has opinions.Everyone shares them, unabashed.

Coming to Karma, everything that goes out must come back. A comment here or there, a like, a re-post, a sharing of thoughts and emotions, heated arguments... what goes around comes around. We try to post our most happening profile picture. our real self gets revealed regardless over time. Facebook, over time exposes our true self, our real likes and dis-likes. We each manage to make whatever little space in the virtual world, much like we do in the "real world". We build our small world with our friends, some favoured more than others.

Somethings are a lot better on Facebook, we can block or ignore people we don't want in our lives. We don't have to add exes, bosses or parents in our friends list. We can brazenly post our drunk photographs and tag them to friends we know won't judge us. We can play games. We can un-friend people without guilt pangs. Everyone has only one option " like", nay sayers keep their opinions to themselves.Only positive goes out , so only positive comes back, do nothing nothing comes back....... I'm just wondering how this positive karma of facebook can be translated into our real lives

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