Friday, 30 December 2011

Anger is a good slave...

Two years ago, during a very deep meditation, my master (celestial) spoke to me about anger. He said something I found very strange. He said not all anger is bad. The white anger is good. Anger is just energy and no energy is bad, you have to learn to use it for good. I have mulled over his statement for very long. While in meditation, everything makes sense. Your sub-conscious which is most activated at that moment, is very wise. A lot of times my doubts arise post my meditations. All predictions I've got during my meditations have come true, not only regarding my life but others as well. I stopped doubting the messages long ago. Yet these simple sounding sentence, open flood gates in my conscious mind and my learning re-starts from a new angle.

I have learnt since my childhood anger is bad. Raised in a boarding school at the young age of 7 and later continuing my education in Catholic school, all nuns reiterated how anger was evil. Later my Muslim boy friend, who I loved deeply, told me how he was taught to sip water to learn to curb anger. I faced anger in various forms especially from my father, and never wanted to be someone who was ever angry. I saw my angry side, towards the end of my first marriage. I hated myself. So this statement from my master confused me. He told me i was internalising my anger and damaging myself.

I know, I had so much rage in me at one point my body would start trembling and tears of bitter rage would flow out, just because I wanted peace. I didn't like confrontations. I had so much I wanted to say, and I didn't say them to keep the status quo.This statement, made me understand, getting angry and reacting in anger were two different things. Anger is required to bring changes against injustice. Even Gods get angry . I wondered what he meant by white anger. I did not know ever anger had colour codes. Apparently there is, there is black destructive anger, there is red and , blue and white. I'm not yet aware if there are more. There are fine lines that segregate them.

I also learnt, unresolved anger, over life times leads to cancer. When I researched I found people as recent as now like Louise Hay and as old as Yogananda Paramhansa have said the same thing about anger leading to cancer. Scientist don't believe in reincarnation and therefore this explanation does not go down well with them.

The only sentence that truly made sense to me was that no energy in its self is good or bad. The purpose you use it for and the intention you use it with can create a good or bad result.  An injection hurts. It can be used to administer vaccines and medicines or to drug oneself or render someone unconscious. A rage creates so much reaction in your body, this surge of energy can be used to work out, paint, write or be passed down to a by stander.Resolving the issue is another matter. Read my blog" Before Forgiveness". When boiling outrage is used for the betterment of someone or on a large scale slavery gets abolished as do practises such as Sati. It encourage one to do something about a currently existing situation.

Anger is either born out of fear at some basic level or an outrage of your sensibilities. Which ever way you look at it, at some level the person feels or experiences some form of injustice. Your body may experience sexual frustration (injustice) and lead you to become foul tempered. You may find your self unable to articulate your thoughts or feelings and react in anger. A child may suppress his anger , this leads to a feeling of helplessness, he may grow up to be a very controlling person, trying to compensate for his earlier feelings of helplessness and resort to anger to get his way.

All my life, I spent, trying to learn how to diffuse situations. I learnt to swallow anger. Then I learnt to release anger through breathing techniques, used guided meditations, I never wanted to feel a wave of anger sweep across my body , mind, heart or soul ever again. I had to re-start. I had to learn, it was okay to experience anger. I had to learn how to disassociate from that anger, without losing the energy it created. I had to learn how to harness and collect that energy to be used for something productive. I learnt I write and paint best when there is some agitation in my heart or mind. I learnt how not to transfer it to an innocent person and how not to let it affect my regular life.I learnt how some souls attract a certain kind of behaviour from you, but its your choice to react in the way their aura is telling you to.I learnt just as sleep, food, sex are necessary so is anger, yet all can be controlled. None of these should govern you, they are good slaves and bad masters.

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  1. ... There are only two states in this universe ...ENERGY and absence of the same ... As you rightly put the energies transfer , transform and we tag it ... Good or bad ... and no energy whatever their tag is ... can be called bad ... they are there for a reason .. and we should use them to further our purpose not be slaves to them ... That's a great thought you initiated ... quite inspiring :)