Thursday, 29 December 2011

The two wheels of a bicycle

I have pondered long and hard on this one, once I became aware, my path was one of spiritual learning and teaching, I was torn about how to deal with the curve balls life threw at me. The more I read scriptures ( of different religions)The more my understanding grew, yet one confusion reigned. How do I apply learnings to my daily life. I ended up writing a book on it, yet, something was still amiss. I understood karma, karma balancing, karmic balancing, I understood various learning we have to achieve via our unique and individual experiences we go through in life. Yet there was a missing piece.

You see, to understand my predicament, you have to understand one thing, I question everything. If there is a missing piece I cannot rest. In Gita, Lord Krishna explained about karma. He did not prevent a war. He let  things happen, cousins killing each other, students killing their teacher and much more. I wondered, if we are meant to understand and practise forgiveness, how come one of the reincarnation or prophet allowed something like that to happen.

I have been practising, harmony, unconditional love, forgiveness, gratitude, all of it, everyday, in my real life. Yet a couple of things would keep cropping up. No matter what I tried, healing, affirmations, prayers nothing would make them either get resolved or go away. I had a sudden epiphany a few days back wham, there was a clarity.Karma happens in our lives, it goes back a long way. The learning, enlightenment, lessons, experiences happen at another level. They happen for the growth of our soul. We learn and we practise them, yet, the rules of karma are not bendable. Sometimes, even if you're unwilling you're caught in a war situation. It could be family or office politics or actual war to protect a loved one or your country. This is karmic balancing acting out. In case in some life, you've wanted to find your voice and speak out against the injustice of a tyrant, you're killed or other wise silenced, yet the desire is too strong. In the current life, this other soul will keep tormenting you. He will keep trying to provoke you, in order to balance the karma. No matter how hard you try to turn away, it will keep happening.

The thing is you can't play football with cricket rules. In football you do hurt the other player, in cricket it would be body line. The best way to deal with it, is to put into application your learning. Let go of the anger at the provocations. let go of the desire to hurt back. Without emotions involved, the action is just that "action" or "kriya" and not "karma", kriya becomes karma when emotional charge get attached to it. Do what needs to be done. Now without emotions involved, your desire to speak up against the injustice of another becomes a matter of stating facts. Its impassionate. You expect nothing in return. There ends your karmic cycle and you implement your learnings too...

What I understood, finally was, Krishna was not propagating war with your kin and yet, if that is what it takes to settle karmic balances ( because not every person is as forgiving as you), then play by the rules of war. Don't take on guilt because in a war you will injure and kill. This is rather an extreme, I still feel that way, but then unless scriptures tell stories in hyperbole, the point is never driven home. Jesus Had to be tormented, humiliated, whipped and more and crucified to explain forgiveness. They have to have larger than life scenarios painted out, so that we grasp the basic, moot point of the story.

I am aware, I need to write another blog to explain certain concepts I've written about for the uninitiated to the world of metaphysics, yet for those who are fellow travellers, who are aware, I thought I'd share this particular piece with you. The journey of the soul may or may not be different and at a different pace.The heart looks to restore balance, the soul seeks only enlightenment. Till such a point comes when they both are aligned. In the meantime, just know how to differentiate the two, and know what ever game you're entangled in, you need to play by its rules. Detach, from your emotions while you're at it....Like the wheels of a bicycle, the heart and soul turn together yet separately, they each do their work and take you forward. What you have to learn is the balancing act.

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  1. Have u come across Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism? This philosophy could provide u answers to the questions and thoughts u've shared in this post.