Monday, 12 December 2011

A spoonful of sugar....

I've been having a wonderful week, really. I've been getting calls, emails, text messages, from a lot of friends after a long time, people I thought had dropped off the horizon, have been dropping in to say hello. Stories I had thought had ended and chapters closed, the pages just flipped open, this time, there was plain beauty. There was a great spiritual level of understanding and unconditional love. A pure joy filled my heart. My soul and their souls are at peace with each other. The definitions of our relationships may have changed, but the essence of love, was just the same.

Love is such a beautiful thing. Every time it touches a life, just as the song goes.... A spoonful of sugar that is all it takes, It changes bread and water into tea and cakes ( song from Mary Poppins). The same way, a dose of love, changes your life. During the ups and during the downs, love comes along, and changes everything around. It brings laughter and a giddiness of heart, a flush on the cheek, a joy in the step. Love just brightens your day, gives a meaning to life. It makes a drab woman pretty and a boring man a poet. It can happen at any age, as a child with an actor, with a boy next door, your colleagues or your boss. You may sigh, just looking at someone, or become friends with one, another you may marry or have a fling along your journey. Crush, infatuation, fling and an affair, all are just divisions of love. It may have attraction, or just hero worship, the fact remains, it makes you want to wake up in the morning and face life with a smile on your face.

Love makes, taking a bitter medicine, easier to swallow. For me, my world revolves around love and the people I love. I have fallen in love with an RJ, listening to his voice, the poignant stories he would weave and the songs he would play. I have fallen in love with an actor, as a child. I had teachers who I loved, that inspired me to do my best. I so wanted to impress. I met the love of my life, along the way, we shared a few years and parted ways. The smile still lingers in the air, every time I talk of him or he calls. I got married twice and loved with all my heart.

Such long tales I have on different facets of love, that started writing a novel on it. Every time a chapter ends, the heart is crushed, it takes a dip and the sun doesn't shine so bright any more. Yet a person, addicted to love, cannot stay away from it for very long. Along comes a person, whose smile, makes you skip a beat, you may never meet, yet the spark grows again, just waiting for a chance....The pain of parting, is not important, the happiness love brings, is. If you learn to harness that, you'll never have mis-givings. Love comes with expiry dates. For whatever reason, two souls decide to part. Soul-mates, from lifetimes, keep on meeting. They can make the parting simple for the other. Some people choice to carry love in the form of hate. It just poisons their own hearts. They shut out the windows of their life , to sunshine forever. They truly are the ones ,who face the loss. 

Relationships may end, the chemistry may die, staying together may become a habit, but love never dies. Love like a butterfly may just flit, from flower to flower or may just, sit still. Whatever dance she may make you go through, do it with grace and fun while at it....Like a spoonful of sugar, it will change your life, a sweetness it will bring to your life. Don't try to hold it, never imprison it, let it free and when the time comes let it go, what is yours will never die. It will come back another day.Go on, give it a shot, give it a try.....

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  1. ... LOVE makes the world go around ... indeed !!!! it is that huge dollop of ice-cream that makes living in this carnival of life an experience to be savored .... A beautifully woven light flirty piece that makes the reader want to LIVE and LOVE ... Very inspired writing ... it is all the condiments of life dipped in honey and chocolate :)