Sunday, 11 December 2011

Moody elements

What would happen, if one morning the Sun looked down, on the earth and began to think. He would sulk, Indians always shun me, they rush indoors, when I'm at my prime, Canadians seem to love me, and so do Europeans, from now on I will shine only there....What would happen if the moon, went into depression thinking, I am just a reflected glory of the sun, not even half the people look at me, they all just love the sun. What if the wind started feeling invisible and stopped blowing. What if the rains, threw up hands in frustration, I never get it right, either I'm too little or too much, people find me tempestuous and moody. What if the elements started thinking like human beings....

We, the humans, have individual talents, energies, temperament. Each , is carved uniquely and beautifully. Each moment of our drawn to a perfection for our experience and learning. We always bring something to offer to others. Yet every day, we beat our-self blue. I'm not good enough. I face criticism, so I must be so bad. I'm not popular, I must be doing something wrong. My husband tells me I flog myself a lot. I have been shy of showing my painting, publishing my poems and stories.Today, he was a bit edgy. I told him to use the run-away energy and pour it into his drawings. He is a brilliant painter. I marvel at his drawings every time. I have wished for a small percentage of his talent. Then , there are musician friends of mine. I envy them. I've always felt, God made me musically impaired. There are women, when I visit there homes, I feel so small. They keep the homes looking, something out of a catalogue or a magazine. Me on the other hand have piles of clothes, books, drawing material all over. My house resembles a bachelor's pad. The furniture I pick, is completely manly in taste. I tried getting candles and potpourri, they just collected dust. I tried building an altar, it became cluttered with idols faster than I could snap my fingers.

Last night, there was an lunar eclipse. It was so beautiful to look at. I wondered, was it the way of the moon saying, I will make you look at me. I will hide, and then you will all search for me. All of you, when missing your beloved, when working the mid-night lamp, all of you, who look at me on sleepless nights, yet forget me the minute you see the sun. Was the moon sulking last night. I remember, staring at the full moon on several nights, thinking, the sun is so unlucky, his twin -flame is the moon, yet they meet only twice in a day. They both have different functions and yet the complete the cycle, in complete harmony.

Why must we look for what we do not have. Why aren't we happy with the talent, we have within us. Why is the grass always greener on the other side of the fence for us humans. People, like me, who are happy, who are satisfied, no matter how good or bad the circumstance are looked down upon. I've been called laid back on several occasions. I wonder , if everyone were to go after the same things, who would be left to enjoy any thing. If the moon shone as hot and bright as the sun, who would give us a cool, shimmering light? If the wind, rain, sun and moon all had the same attributes, who would compliment each other, how would any cycle get complete.

We, are unhappy, because we want , what the other has. This vicious cycle, doesn't allow any of us to be happy. We forget our individual journeys. Our aspirations takes a wrong turn. Instead of honing our own skill, we run after one, which is not ours.To be happy, we have to stop chasing, another man's dreams. We have to start appreciating what we have been given. Our energies change, our moods too, we must continue, undeterred. Instead of making life a popularity contest, lets see how well we are doing our jobs.

Since, the day, I've stopped trying to please. I started writing, I have been happier, more relaxed. I found my niche and my spot in the sun.I write when I'm happy, when I'm sad, when I'm moody or plain lazy. I stopped looking for approval. Some days I write well, other days, not so great, yet I know, there are days when the clouds cover the sun. It doesn't mean , he has lost his brightness or his heat. I will continue to keep shinning bright, one day, when the cloud's job is done, he will move on....


  1. Enjoyed reading all the moon symbolism in this one!

  2. A very soulful piece that makes one think about their choices ... and the freedom therein ... We are but the sum total of our choices where we have only ourselves to blame or credit ...when we take that responsibility ... every mountain of an obstacle seems like a mole hill ... the energy within us grows exponentially and there is pure HAPPINESS ..... brilliant writing :)